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“One Sense at a time” Workshops

Children in general find it harder to learn when multiple senses are required, and different parts of the brain have to work together. For most persons with mental challenges, this is an even bigger problem. In these workshops we focus on technologies and tools related to one sense only to reduce information overload, leaving plenty of opportunity to pour creativity onto a basic framework. The aim is to help children find new ways to express themselves and communicate, unearth talent that might help them some day find a career and gain respect. Since children have talents in different areas, for this workshop we take the help of artists with skills related to different senses — vision, hearing, dancing, pottery…
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Workshops for kids, one sense at a time

List of Workshops
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Music Workshops

Singing have positive effects on people’s health, it gives a god excercise to the singers’s skeletal muscles, lungs and reduces stress. Through reduction of stress, singing may positively influence the immune system also. One recent study found that both singing and listening to choral music reduces the level of stress hormones and increases immune function. Singing have special benefits for persons with autism. Apart from discipling muscle control it, could be a powerful therapeutic tool for building language – perhaps to train the musical area of the right brain to take on the ability to comprehend and produce language.
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ICT Workshops

A typical problem faced by persons with the communication disability, autism, is inability in communicating. The kind of muscular coordination required for speaking is affected along with other higher order functions, which makes the person unable to express herself. Appropriate use of simple technologies like Camera Phone, touchscreen computers, netbooks accompanied with appropriate software can help people with communication disabilities immensely by providing them a
way to both receive and contribute in the communication.
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Singing workshop for IT companies

Programming is a tiring, monotonous activity. It is a labour intensive, costly intelligence work. There are also various health problems that are unique to computer users, and software programmers. Singing, a proven stress buster, could provide a great physical exercise and emotional calm, to help them release physical and emotional stress. Read more on Singing workshop for companies

Sensitization workshop for IT companies

These workshops are aimed at IT companies, their employees and families, helping understand mental challenges and IT, and how to improve the work environment, and impact efficiency of the professionals, reducing stress at their personal lives by interacting with the child. If you read: “Impaired social interaction and communication …. repetitive behavior” you might think “geek.” It is from the first line of the Wikipedia entry on autism.deaf-blindness can avail so under multiple disabilities category. The various data asked in the queries is not available with us.” Read more on Sensitization workshop for IT companies