Technology for the Old


Communicator for persons with poor vision, hearing and speech. Cursor eliminated.

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SMS for Low Vision App

This app provides you with a notification when sms arrives. When you select the notification, the message opens up in a text box with large fonts. A separate box holds the number. The menu allows you to change font size, select a contact to send sms to, and to send the message in the text box to the number in the number box.

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Akhtar is the first deaf-mute person with low vision we worked with, in develeoping software dbtype and Akhtar that allow him to communicate.

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A menu offers text to speech, including of frequently used sentences, the ability to load and delete files, to share text for purposes of email, chat, etc., to split text so that selected paras can be pasted where desired. People who have difficulty with the cursor should find this a useful app

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dbtype Communication for the Deaf Mute with Low Vision

This app allows communication to a person who cannot hear nor speak, and also has low vision. A text box using large font sizes allows communication through typing. A Hear button activates speech to text, displaying the result in the text box, while the Say button converts the text in the box to speech and plays it through the speakers of the device. A Pick button lets you pick from prestored sentences. To edit these, type only the word “settings” (without parenthesis) in the text box. This opens another screen where you can edit a list of sentences, and also change the font size. When you press Save, you are brought back to the main screen.

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Showitem Picture Based Communication for the Non-Verbal

Simple database functionality: associate short alphanumeric codes for pictures to call them up quickly. Press Select to find a picture in your gallery, type in a code in the text box, press Save. A list of all tags to pictures is available by pressing Pick. x deletes a single item in the database, Clear empties the database.

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TellMyPhone English and Hindi speech recognition for the DEAF and LOW Vision

The TellMyPhone free app is for the deaf with low vision. It recognizes speech in Hindi/English and displays it in large roman text.

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