Summer Internship and Training Program

Launched in 2007 to produce free software sustainably, the program has produced software like skid, PocketSMS, MorseTrainer for people who have limited ability in two-way communication. In 2008 under the Summer Internship and Training programme students wrote “skid” software for special kids for children with mental challenges, to allow them to communicate, learn and play, via the computer. The software won the prestigious Manthan Awards 2008. Recently under this programme, one student wrote vibration series of mobile apps for the deafblind. Vibration series of mobile apps was nominated for Vodafone Mobiles for Good Award 2011. PocketSMS was nominated for mBillionth Award 2011, ISIF Asia 2011 and Manthan Award 2011. We develop software products across current technology platforms, to help the mentally challenged, severely disabled and the deaf-blind. We promote participation of persons with disabilities and siblings of them in the program. For remote students online classes via skype are organized. For those who do not need our help in learning programming, participation in the Project work is free. For those desiring training, we offer international quality. In Project Work the Interns would be asked to write a short module for skid software, or a mobile app. The maximum team size will be 4. Upon successful completion, names of the team members will be displayed on the modules (in case of skid) and on bapsi website.

Training on Ruby on Rails

Duration: 2 months (June – July 2012 flexible)

Training content: 8 day-long lecture and tutorial sessions covering:

  • Ruby basics, including use of tools such as irb and erb.
  • Rails basics, and web programming
  • Database basics, in the Ruby on Rails context
  • Regular expressions and their use
  • The use of image libraries

Program Fees: Rs. 10,000/- (ten thousand rupees only)

 Training on Mobile Apps Development

Duration: 2 months (June – July 2012 flexible)

Training content: 8 day-long lecture and tutorial sessions covering:

  • Scratch Programming
  • App Inventor GUI design, use of timer, interfacing with services         such as SMS and other mobile phone facilities

Program Fees: Rs. 12,000/- (twelve thousand rupees only)

[Note: The student must have a laptop/Smartphone. The final software will be free licensed under the GNU Public License]

Payment of Fees: Via Demand Draft or Cheque in favor of BIDIRECTIONAL ACCESS PROMOTION SOCIETY payable at New Delhi.

Dr. Arun Mehta is an IIT Delhi alumnus with MS in Computer Science from the US and doctorate from Germany. He has 38 years of experience in computers. He wrote eLocutor for Prof. Stephen Hawking. For several years he taught Visual Basic 6.0 and C# at the National Association for the Blind. His students went on to produce work of brilliant quality on the Hindi screen reader Safa, and the open source Daisy authoring software, Obi. In 2007, Dr. Mehta, President, Bapsi, he conceptualized Summer Internship and Training Programme which was launched same year. (Read more at

Current Projects

1) Vibration Series of Mobile Apps, is being developed to help persons who are both deaf and blind to communite in both directions. PocketSMS to read, create and send an SMS is ready. It is being written using App Inventor for the Android smart phone platform. The app accepts input from any keyboard installed on the phone, including Morse Code or Graffiti. The Output is read through Morse Code and vibration. Anmol Anand is currently working on this Project.

2) The skid platform ( is being enhanced to make it easier for children with severe disabilities to download pictures as well as take advantage of online facilities for predictive text, to speed up typing using only one or two buttons and a lot of other activities to learn and play.

3) From 2012 we have extended the Internship Programme to students from media background to learn about bi-directional access of information on issues related to disabilities, technology and Internet.

Meet our Interns here

For those who are interested in our Internship Programmes, or those who want to make a suggestion, please write to

You could also contact us here:
B-69, 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar-1, New Delhi 24, India
Ph: Bapsi: 011 2981 7007 Arun Mehta – 987 319 9898

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