PocketSMS for Android

PocketSMS is only the first product of the VIBRATIONS series. It is  an application (app) for Android phones, which gives tactile input to the user. The application converts the incoming text message into Morse Code. Sensing vibrations of short and long duration to represent dots and dashes, the deafblind user is able to read the SMS. Any Android keyboard can be used in replying, but in our opinion the one that will work best for a deaf-blind user is Graffiti.

The app has been developed by Anmol Anand during his Summer Internship Programme, under the guidance of Dr. Arun Mehta, President, Bapsi.

To download PocketSMS, PocketSMS.apk file. To see installation details please read the Help Manual, at Help Manual for PocketSMS. You could also download the Help Manual pdf.

New version of the app, PocketSMS v1.1 has been introduced. This version is a step ahead as it allows user to send SMS to a person of her choice, and not simply responding to an SMS. Refer to the Help Manual for details.

For this download the file PocketSMS v1.1.apk.

Please see the video on PocketSMS
SMS for Deaf Blind

Also see Help Videos on

“Downloading and Installing PocketSMS”

“Android input for the Deaf-Blind: Graffiti”

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