To learn Alphabets and its  corresponding vibration in Morse code, download the file MorseTrainerv1.1.apk below.

This simple app helps the user learn Morse code using a mobile phone on her own, without presence of a caregiver. The user could select any convenient keyboard input method like QWERTY keyboard or Graffiti keyboard. As soon as an alphabet is written in the textbox of the morse trainer, the corresponding dots and dashes of the morse code is vibrated as short and long vibrations.

Alternatively if you want to use a print copy to learn morse code, please download the file Chart-morse code_graffiti.pdf and take a print of the file in a special Braille printer. You could also read corresponding Morse code and their Graffiti strokes here.

Please read the Help Manual. You could also download and print the file "Help Manual Morse Trainer.pdf" below and keep for future reference.
Please see a video on
"How to Use MorseTrainer"

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