Learning Simple Things with SKID Learning is easy and fun for children and teachers with skid, and saves them a lot of paper. Skid offers a simple way to teach tasks which children find difficult. It consists of small modules, 4 of which are described here: (1) counting how many (2) what comes before a number (3) choices, where the child could practice questions for a test, and (4) quiz module where teacher could administer a multiple choice test to the child.

image: learning simple things with skid

Making Sentences with SKID Being able to produce a variety of sentences is necessary for a child, whether verbal or non-verbal. The modsentence (modify sentences) module of skid enables creation of a large number of sentences by allowing change in selected words. The user can replace words for which a picture exists in skid's image folders, with the names of other pictures in the same folder. This free software is helpful for slow learners and those with autism, dyslexia, etc.

Image: learning simple things with skid

Learning categories using touch screens For children with autism, higher level concepts, including categories are hard to learn. Touch screen devices, as a front end for the skid software, can make the learning of categories a game. The video demonstrates the oddmanout module, which offers the child pictures from to categories and lets her pick the one that does not fit.
oddmanout module on a touch screen device

Teaching arithmetic to an unwilling child Using skid platform, we tied together work and reward: one module allows the child to gain credit by doing simple addition. The child is taken to a module that lets him look at his favorite pictures as a reward, while running down credit. When the credit runs out, the child automatically gets taken to the arithmetic module, and so on.

Low cost input device to make severely motor challenged access computers
This video demonstrates making a low cost input device of two buttons from few springs and a joystick which can be used by the severely disabled to use computers.

Skid allows the user to speak in class The video tells how skid can be used by a child with autism or severe disability for education.

skid basics
This video teaches the basic of skid software for easy use.

skid help for 4 modules
This video demonstrates how to use Nim game, write using abcd module, arithmetic module and wikipedia module of skid software.

A child with Cerebral Palsy communicates via a wheel The video shows how we took inspiration from a child to design skid software which was later made available to children across the world at skid.org.in.

Making free software writing for mentally challenged sustainable This video tells how skid was developed with active involvement of software engineering students.

Dr. Arun Mehta made a presentation on "Computer as a prosthesis for those with disabilities" for children with mental challenge at the TEDxNIST, organized by Ted.com in New Delhi.