Short Videos 
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Videos on hacking of Indian Computers by hackers from China1. China Hacks, India Ignores, Part 1     (in English)
2. China Hacks, India Ignores, Part 2
    (in English)
3. Chini cyber humla beparwah bharat    (in Hindi)

4. Citizen view on china hacking
           (in Hindi)

Spectrum issues1. Why Open Spectrum?                      (in English)

Vibration series of mobile apps for the deaf and blind1. SMS for those both deaf and blind      (in English)
2. VIBRATIONS series of mobile apps
   (in English)
3. Morse Trainer for DeafBlind
               (in English)
4. Android input for the DeafBlind: Graffiti     
  (in English)
5. Downloading and Installing PocketSMS      (in English)
TellMyPhone English and Hindi speech recognition for the DEAF and LOW Vision    (English)
7. Narangi A Slate for Deaf-Blind Children     
Showitem Picture Based Communication for the Non-Verbal       (English)
dbtype Communication for the Deaf Mute with Low Vision        (English)
dbbug a game for deaf-blind            (English)
11. Narangi2 A Slate for Deaf-Blind Children          (English)
dbbug V2 a game for deaf-blind          (English)
13. Akhtar                            (English)

Use of computers and software programs for children with disabilities (Videos related to Skid software)
1. Learning simple things with SKID               (in English)
2. Making Sentences with SKID                     (in English)
3. Learning categories using touch screens     (in English)
4. Teaching arithmetic to an unwilling child       (in English)
5. Low cost input device to make severely motor challenged access computers   (in English)
6. Skid allows the user to speak in class         (in English)
7. skid basics                             (in English)
8. skid help for 4 modules            (in English)
9. A child with Cerebral Palsy      (in English)
10. Making free software writing for mentally challenged sustainable        (in English)
11. Computer as a prosthesis for those with disabilities                          (in English)

Documentary Films on autism and role of computers for children on autism spectrum1. Stop Wasting Talent                               (in English, subtitled in English)
2. Autism Mein Asha (Hope in Autism)        (in Hindi, subtitled in English)

3. A Technical Helping Hand          (in English, subtitled in Hindi)

Teaching programming to kids1. Scratching with OLPC               (in English)
2. Android App Banana Asaan     (in Hindi)
3. Android App Banana Asaan Part 2        (in Hindi)
Android App Banana Asaan Part 3        (in Hindi)
5. Android App Banana Asaan Part 3 A       (in Hindi)
6. Android App Banana Asaan Part 4 - Gend Ka Khel    (in Hindi)