31-07-2009, to Rehabilitation Council of India  Letter No.5-172/RTI/Vol-VIII/2009 dated 31-08-2009
 1. From your website (http://rehabcouncil.nic.in/programmes/crregular.htm) it appears that there is only one course on Autism Spectrum Disorder, being offered by the Rehabilitation Council of India- Diploma in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorders). Does RCI has any plan for offering other or further courses? If so, how and when? DSE (ASD) has so far been standardized. B.Ed Special Education (ASD) is under consideration for standardization.
 2. What rehabilitation programmes related to ASDs in the country is the RCI aware of? Please supply me the list of organizations running rehabilitation programmes for persons with ASD in India. Part of the question is beyond the purview of RCI. However, a list of institutions conducting DSE (ASD) is attached for your reference.
 3. Do you run any rehabilitation programmes related to persons with ASD themselves?  RCI do not run any training by its own.
 4. For your programmes related to persons with ASD how do you determine who is suffering from this condition? Beyond the purview of RCI.
 5. As your website reveals (http://rehabcouncil.nic.in/programmes/institutions.htm) there are only 11 Centers imparting the course DSE (ASD). Is the RCI planning to extend this course in other states also?  Yes
 6. How have you arrived at the number of 1 person with autism in 250? ("On conservative estimate based on the stipulaton by the RCI that 1 out of every 250 persons may be autistic" - cited in an Affidavit of Respondents in the matter of Sharda Dhir Vs. Union of India, c.w.no.6753/2003 in the Delhi High Court, filed on April 23, 2004) I have been told that the ratio may be based on the discussions during the expert's meetings/seminar/conferences/press report.
 7. Please provide me the information on what number of Institutes have shown interest in introducing a higher progranmme related to ASDs in last 5 years? No such information is available.
 8. Since the beginning of your course on DSE (ASD), how many persons have been trained in the education and management of persons with ASDs? Kindly share the list with me. Has there been a follow up  to see whether the special educators have continued work in the field? The number of traines persons not available with RCI. However, as on dats 165 personnel have been registered with the RCI as DSC (ASD)
 9. Do you have records on what number of children with ASD have benefited from this course DSE (ASD)? If yes, please share the figures with me. No such record is available.