22-08-2009, to National TrustLetter No. 4/88/RTI/NAT/2009 (Vol.III) dated 16-09-2009
 A survey of 28,000 households was conducted in Delhi by the National Trust. Regarding this survey please inform me: 
 1. When was this survey conducted? The statistical survey of persons with Autism Mental Retardation, cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities was conducted during the period 1st February 2008 to 25 April 2008.
 2. What were the objectives of the survey?  The objective of the survey was to estimate the total number of disabled persons in Delhi separately for Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
 3. In the sample of 28,000 households, what number of people with autism were found? Among these how many were children. During the field survey, 12 households were found having 1 autistic case and 1 household was found having 2 autistic case.
 4. In how many cases under-reporting was found. Among the unreported cases how many people were suspected as suffering from autism? During the course of field survey no case under-reporting was found. However, out of 28000 sample households, 481 HHs refused interviews despite repeated requests. Regarding number suspected of cases having Autism in the above households it is stated that no such attempt was made.
 5. Has the survey design and report been made available online. If yes, kindly provide the link to the same. If No, please share with me the Sampling strategy for the survey, the survey tools and a copy of the survey report.  The survey design and report has not been made available on-line.

The state of Delhi is divided into nine districts. Each district is further divided into three sub-divisions/Tehsils. Each district was treated as a stratum and each Tehsil treated as a sub-stratum. Person with one or more than one type of mental impairment in a sample household were considered as the ultimate sampling units.

For collection of information from the households, a structures schedule was developed. A toolkit was also developed and used in the field for identification of various types of disability. The same has been given in the study report. They survey report contains 132 pages. You are requested to deposit a sum of Rs. 264/- towards photocopy costs @ Rs.2/- per page at National Trust office.