11-04-2011 India counrty report

11-04-2011, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
04-05-2011, F.No. 32-79/2008-DD III    
 Kindly refer to letters (1) F.No. 32-79/2008-DD III dated 18 December 2009 saying ""the process of drafting Country Report as required under Article 35 of the UNCRPD has been initiated". and (2) F.No. 32-79/2008-DD III dated 21 April 2010 which says "the report is expected to be ready by 03-09-2010". In light of the above two letters please inform me the following:

What is the status of the Country Report. Has the country report in discussion been finalized. If yes, kindly provide the online link to the country report. If no, kindly inform the reason for delay and the expected date of finalization of the report.

2. Please inform the tentative date for submission of the India Country Report to the UN Committee of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

3. If the country report has not been finalized yet, please provide me a copy of the latest draft of the country report.
 Please refer to your application dated 11-04-2011 received in this Section on 25-04-2011 under "RTI Act, 2005" on the above mentioned subject, it is informed that the information in respect of this section are as under:

The UNCRPD to which India is a party has come into effect on 03-05-2008. As per Article 33 of UNCRPD, every country has to submit its first comprehensive report on measures taken to give effect to the obligations under the Convention and the progress made in that regard, within two years of its coming into force, i.e. May 2010. The task of preparation of Country Report has been entrusted to NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. The original deadline fo the University to submit the report to this Ministry was 30-09-2010. The timeline to submit the third draft has been revised to 31st July 2011 and the final printed printed copies by 15th September 2011. The firts draft of the Report has ben received through e-mail on 29th April 2011. After finalization of the final draft, the report will be submitted to the UN.