07-09-2009, Secondary Education Bureau, Ministry of Human Resource Development From, MHRD, No. F.No. 11-5/2009-IE, Date 05-10-2009
1. What number of children with visual disabilities study in normal schools in India? (Please include numbers of special schools separately)

2. What number of schools in India are currently using screen readers in Hindi or in other languages for these children? What software is being used for them? What number of children are benefiting from this?

 3. Does a plan or guideline exists for use of screen readers of Hindi or other languages for mainstreaming of blind people? Kindly share with me.
1. Special schools are provided for by Ministry  of Social Justice and Empowerment. Application in being sent to them for direct reply.

Erstwhile Scheme of Integrated Education for the Disabled Children (IEDC) implemented till March, 2009, provided educational opportunities for disabled children in common schools to facilitate their integration and ultimate retention in the general school system. Disability wise segregated data is not available at present. However, during 2008-09 a total of  319210 disabled children were assisted through the Scheme.

2 and 3. Under the erstwhile Scheme of IEDC, during 2008-09 a total of 110773 schools were covered. The Scheme provided for Reader Allowance @Rs.50 per month in case of blind children after Class V. Funds were also provided for purchase of equipment required for transaction of teaching learning in classroom a per requirement.

A new Scheme of Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) is being implemented from April, 2009 for assisting inclusive education of disabled children in classes IX-XII. The Scheme provides for purchase of screen reading software LAWS, SAFA etc. for visually impaired as per child specific requirements. The details of the Scheme are available at http://education.nic.in

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Smt Nidhi Khare, Director, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi with a request to respond to relevant queries directly to the applicant under intimation to this Department.

 No. F.No. 32-56/2009-DDIII, 01-01-2010, from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
  I am to refer to your letter dated 07-09-2009 received on 04-12-2009 by transfer from Ministry of Human Resources development vide letter No.11-5/2009-IEDC dated 10-11-2009 on the above mentioned subject and to say that the information sought for by you are not available in the DDIII section of this Ministry. Since the subject matter pertains to Rehabilitation Council of India and DDII section of the Ministry, your application is being transferred under 6(3) of RTI Act 2005, to them for providing required information to the applicant directly.

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1. Shri Neha Singh, Section Officer (IE), MHRD.
2. Member Secretary, Rehabilitation Council of India and
3. CPIO, DDII Section, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi.. with the request to provide the information directly to the applicant under intimation to this Ministry.

  No. 5-172/RTI/Vol-IX/2010 3787, 04-02-2010, from Rehabilitation Council of India
 I am directed to enclose herewith RTI application of dated 07-09-2009..... addressed to Ministry of Human Resources Development and a copy of reply provided by M/o HRD, Dept. of School Education and Literacy vide their letter dated 5 September 2009. The application and reply of HRD has been received in RCI vide M/o SJ&E letter dated 01-01-2010 for providing information on the part of the Council.

While going through the application it has been observed that desired information does not fall within the jurisdiction of this Council. However, the same is transferred under section 6(3) of RTI Act, 2005 for providing necessary reply in case any part of the questions fall within the jurisdiction of your department. We request you to kindly provide information directly to the applicant with a copy to this Council for record.

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1. Shri Manasi Dash, for information
2. Director and CPIO, M/o SJ&E, New Delhi w.r.f. to Ministry's letter No. 32=56/2009-DDIII dated 01-01-2010
3. The Director (IE) M/o HRD, Dept. of School Education and Literacy, New Delhi w.r.f. to their letter No. 11-5/2009-IE dated 25-09-2009
 08-06-2010 from the National Institute for Visually Handicapped
 With referenve to your letter no. NIVH-RTI-09 on 28-04-2010 regarding mainstreaming of children with visual disabilities in education.

For Question 1. we have not any information the no. of children with visual disabilities study in normal schools. But regarding no. of special schools, a list of schools for the blind in India (State wise) is enclosed.

  For Question 2. we have not any record or information in the department.

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1. Director [DD III] & CPIO, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi
2. Asst. Secretary & PIO, RCI, New Delhi