On Status of Mental Challenges

 RTI No.
 Important Questions of the RTI Application and Answers 
  YEAR 2011
  1  25-08-2011, National Trust
Information pertaining to welfare of persons who are both deaf and blind in India, Initiatives taken especially for for them in compliance to the UNCRPD.
Response: "all schemes and programmes which are implemented at aimed at benefitting the four disabilities. Any of the schemes which is relevant to people with deaf-blindness can avail so under multiple disabilities category. The various data asked in the queries is not available with us."
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 1 11-04-2011, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
What is the status of Country Report? Tentative date for submission of the India Country Report to the UN Committee of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
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  YEAR 2009-10
 12 03-04-2010, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
By when is the response of the Government with regard to compliance with UNCRPD expected to be ready?
Response: The Agency, which is assigned to prepare Country Report, is required to conduct wider consultation with different Government and Non-Government Organizations including Civil Society. Meeting minutes of First Country Report were later asked. The Country Report would be ready for submission by August, 2010.
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also see RTI 3, 2009
 09-12-2009, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
How is the Ministry monitoring the progress and implementation on compliance to the UNCRPD?
Response: "information relating to points 3-48 has already been furnished by National Trust in response to your RTI application dated 6 Feb. 2009. This Division has no additional information to furnish on these points.

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also see RTI 1, 2009
 22-09-2009, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Regarding communication to Ms. Veronica Mathais saying "list of disabilities under the PWD Act should not be expanded as doing so would shift attention and resources away from those whose needs is the greatest" (Read the letter)
Response: from the Ministry and Appeal dated 31-11-2009

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 07-09-2009, Ministry of Human Resources Development
What are the plans of the Ministry for children with autism to avail the benefit of the Right to Education Bill.
Response: "Children with autism ... are covered under the Act"

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 02-09-2009, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
How is the Ministry planning to include children with autism under the Right to Education Bill to avail free and compulsory education in India.
Response: "PWD Act is under amendment"

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02-09-2009, Ministry of HRD (Letter was resend on 07-09-2009)
No. of children with visual disabilities in normal schools, guidelines for use of screen readers....
Response: 5-10-2009 (MHRD), 01-01-2010 (MSJE) and 04-02-2010 (RCI), MHRD provide such details, MSJE says "not available in the DDIII section of the Ministry", RCI says "does not fall within jurisdiction of this Council"

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22-08-2009, to National Trust
On the findings of survey of 28,000 households in Delhi
Response:, "12 households were found having 1 autistic case and 1 household was found having 2 autistic cases"

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31-07-2009, to Rehabilitation Council of India
How have you arrived at the number 1 person with autism in 250?
Response: "the ratio may be based on the discussions during the expert's meetings/seminar/conferences /press report"

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26-06-2009, to National Trust
Questions on childhood neuro-development disability survey
Response: Details of the survey which probably would  end in April 2010.

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06-02-2009, to National Trust
Questions pertaining to welfare of people with autism in India and initiatives taken in compliance to the UNCRPD
Response dated 06-03-2009,  "PWD Act is under amendment, no statistics on persons with autism is available"

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08-04-2009, to Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Response dated 12-01-2009 do not answer the questions posed.
Response: An independent monitoring mechanism has not yet been established. NHRC, New Delhi has Suo Moto taken up monitoring.

 116-12-2008, to Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
 Autism and UN Convention,  Monitoring mechanism in compliance with the UN Convention
Response: CP covered under PWD Act, Autism covered under NT Act. Ministry is monitoring the progress and implementation of the UNCRPD

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 YEAR 2008
 1 24-10-2008, to Ministry of Human Resource Development
On access to primary and secondary education by mentally challenged persons.
Responses: MHRD-"do not pertain to Sch.4 Division of this Ministry" MSJE-"not centrally maintained by the Ministry"

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