Statement Sudhir Joshi

I went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on 04-02-2009. First I found it difficult to locate the department. However, when I reached the department I could not find any information kiosk anywhere in the department. I asked a few people about the information kiosks but could not get any information.

I went to Safdarjung Hospital on 19-02-2009 and went through the whole department of Psychiatry and could not locate the information kiosks. I went up to the 2nd floor also, but could not find any information kiosk. I asked at the inquiry, but no one was aware of any such kiosks for the people with autism. They asked me to waqit for Dr. Rakesh. As Dr. was not in his room I stayed there wa=iting for more than half an hour and then came back without meeting him.

I went to the Irwin Hospital (Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital) on 10-02-2009. And I could not find any information kiosk installed in the hospital.

Signed by Sudhir Joshi