17-10-2008 from National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Manovikas Nagar, Secunderabad
 1. The amount of money specifically budgeted, if any, towards development of software for mentally challenged persons (for example persons with cerebral palsy, dyslexia, autism, slow learners etc.) during the current 5 year Plan and the previous 5 year Plan. Kindly provide full details of the budget allocations made on the basis of the plan allocations, and provide me access (including by inspection) to all the relevant documents.An amount od Rs. 2,845.oo lakh was projected and submitted to Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for the 11th Five Year Plan towards Research and Development activities of this institute. The research and development activities including taking of research projects for development of software for mentally challenged persons also.

During the 10th Five Year Plan, an amount of Rs. 217.20 lakhs was spent on research and development activities. However, no amount was incurred on development of software.

An amount of Rs.7,00,500/-was received from S & T Project, DRC Scheme, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Government of India for a project on "Functional Academics through Computer Technology for children with mental retardation". The project period is from 1.6.1999 to 31.8.2003. Under the Project, 6 softwares namely, 1.Literacy, 2.Numeracy, 3.My country, 4.Living and Non living, 5.Health and Safety and 6.Community utilisation for independent living by a person with mental retardation were developed.
 2. The actual utilization and/or disbursement of the budgeted and unbudgeted funds, if any, for the purpose stated above. Please afford me inspection of the relevant documents.No expenditure was incurred on development of software during the current 5 year Plan.
 3. Name/names and full particulars of the of software package(s) developed for mentally challenged persons, either by Central Government agencies or by outside agencies with Central Government funding or assistance(full or partial).NIMH had undertaken projects on developing softwares for children with mental retardation. About 8 softwares have been developed which are as follows:
Name of the softwares:
  1. Learning numbers (counting and reading and writing numbers 1-9)
  2. Read and Write (learning o read words and write words, spelling)
  3. Numeracy (Numerals- 50, addition, subtraction)
  4. Health & safety
  5. Living & Non-living things
  6. My country
  7. Community utilization
  8. Literacy (reading & writing sentences)
Teaching Literacy and Numeracy skills to persons with mental retardation. Literacy software covers functional words and sentences using functional words in English. Numeracy software covers numbers.
 4. What is the Intellectual Property and License status of the software packages mentioned above. Provide me the particulars of the developers, the variants of Indian Languages provided for in the software, the number of copies disseminated, and mode(s) of dissemination.  If these packages have been sold, kindly provide me full details about the purchasers and, the price at which they were sold to them.  Please also specify if the licensing agreements with the purchasers/ beneficiaries are at variance with the general policy on intellectual property/ licensing, requested for herein above.Sales Statistics : Sale/distribution of software during:
2003 - 04 :     123
2004 - 05 :     45
2005 - 06 :     74
2006 - 07 :     54
2007 - 08 :     51
2008 - 09 (Upto Sep'08) :     17

NIMH CDs have been developed in English and Hindi languages.

The NIMH reserves copyright of all its publications including the above software. No specific intellectual property patent or licence in this regard has been obtained.
 5. Whether any feedback was obtained from the users and experts on the software mentioned above, during development  process or after its dissemination. If yes, the details thereof. I request for inspection/ copies of the feedback so received.Field trial was done for item validation, but feedback has not been gathered from users.
 6. Whether  there are schemes for free distribution, or distribution at nominal costs, or beta testing programs for these software. If yes, details thereof.The above software is available in CD format along with instruction manual which is priced at Rs. 50/-.

As per the prevailing policy, we supply the software package against payment only. To obtain these, one can purchase then directly by cash at NIMH, Secunderabad or obtain by post while addressing the requirement to the Director, NIMH along with the payment. The payment shall be made in the form of demand draft drawn on any scheduled/ nationalized bank favoring the Director, NIMH payable at Secunderabad. The cost of the software is inclusive of postage and handling charges.
 7. List of end users of these software with complete addresses During the sale/purchase of the software, we do not collect any information pertaining to the address, utilization etc of the software by the end user.

Efforts have not been directed to document tracking details of users, who have purchased CDs from NIMH.