26-08-2008 MSJE National Trust

26-08-2008, PIO, National Trust, same questions were asked to the MSJ&E on same date through another RTI
No. 6730,  18-09-2008, from National Trust
 Please supply me the following information pertaining to development of computer software for mentally challenged persons:-
 I am directed to refer to your letter dated 26-08-2008 addressed to the Central  Public Information Officer, Ministry of SJ&E on the subject cited above and provide the following point wise information in response to your queries, related to National Trust:-

 1. The amount of money specifically budgeted, if any, towards development of software for mentally challenged persons (for example persons with cerebral palsy, dyslexia, autism, slow learners etc.) during the current 5 year Plan and the previous 5 year Plan. Kindly provide full details of the budget allocations made on the basis of the plan allocations, and provide me access (including by inspection) to all the relevant documents.1. With reference to point No.1, it is clarified that the National Trust has a system of annual budget duly approved by the Board every year. As such the plan allocation and the budget allocation every year are the same. During the last 5 year Plan (2002-2007), there was no specific budget for development of software. During the financial year 2007-08 the budget of Rs. 5.0 lakh was provided for development of software and setting up information kiosk and during the year 2008-09 for the development of website and other software a budget of Rs. 15.0 lakh has been provided.

 2. The actual utilization and/or disbursement of the budgeted and unbudgeted funds, if any, for the purpose stated above. Please afford me inspection of the relevant documents.2. With reference to point No.2, the actual disbursement during the year 2007-08 was Rs. 3.95 lakhs and Rs. 0.64 lakhs during the year 2008-09 *til date).

 3. Name/names and full particulars of the of software package(s) developed for mentally challenged persons, either by Central Government agencies or by outside agencies with Central Government funding or assistance(full or partial).3. With reference to point No.3, it is clarified that all the software and system as stated above are being developed from the funds of National Trust and and as such no software package has been developed either by Central Government agencies or by outside agencies with Central Government funding or assistance (full or partial).

 4. What is the Intellectual Property and License status of the software packages mentioned above. Provide me the particulars of the developers, the variants of Indian Languages provided for in the software, the number of copies disseminated, and mode(s) of dissemination.  If these packages have been sold, kindly provide me full details about the purchasers and, the price at which they were sold to them.  Please also specify if the licensing agreements with the purchasers/ beneficiaries are at variance with the general policy on intellectual property/ licensing, requested for herein above.

4. With reference to point No.4, it is submitted that National Trust develop software and other resource material for generating awareness and fostering advocacy on matters concerning persons with disabilities through its registered organizations and other stakeholders. As such software developed for Information Kiosk has been freely distributed to registered organizations  and the kiosks were also installed in 6 hospitals in Delhi on non-commercial basis. The users may freely reproduce and distribute among other stakeholders without changing the contents.
 5. Whether any feedback was obtained from the users and experts on the software mentioned above, during development  process or after its dissemination. If yes, the details thereof. I request for inspection/ copies of the feedback so received.

5. With reference to point No.5, it is submitted that as the Information kiosks are at the initial stage of functioning at Government Hospitals, national Trust has so far not obtained any feedback from the users and experts.
 6. Whether  there are schemes for free distribution, or distribution at nominal costs, or beta testing programs for these software. If yes, details thereof.

6. With reference to point No.6, issue has already been explained under point 4.
 7. List of end users of these software with complete addresses 7. With reference to point No.7, the end users of these software are public at large as such no list of end users can be furnished.