WML's response

Ref. WML.MSJE/759/2009                                                         Date: 29-09-2009
 With reference to the letter No. 32-79/2008 dated 04-08-2009 from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, kindly find our response as follows:

Question 1 Kindly share the Technical details of this Project. What is exactly does, what assumptions does it make about the User, etc.

The software is a special Educators Tool for teaching language skills to affects with autism. The children will be taught language skills, comprehension of sentences, constructing of simple sentences etc. using the software.

The software package provides a substantial set of exercises/drill that are to be performed progressively under supervision of special educator/therapist depending upon the need and ability for individual child.

The software package comprises the following modules:

Receptive vocabulary: In this module, vocabulary will be taught to the autistic students by exposing them in various contexts associated with a word. The teacher will be able to select a word from the given database of words for a specific student.

Words to picture matching task: This module presents the students with a set of pictures in predefined matrix. Special educator will define the pictures of various items and matrix settings. In sight-reading mode, the student has to match the given pictures with a set of given text labels.

Sentences: In this module, construction of simple to difficult sentence will be taught. Sentences start from a simple one and get more complicated. Pictures are used here to enhance their visual learning skill.

Comprehension: Comprehensions are two-three liner stories followed by simple questions. This is done to increase the logical reasoning power. Questions are picture based, multiple choice type,  such that only right answer could be dragged to match the pictures.

Social Stories: As the Autistic child refrain themselves from society, some times they behave erratically in social functions. Through these social stories an autistic child is taught how to behave in society and what are the consequences of improper behavior.

Antonyms: Antonyms a re divided into two parts. In Level 1,  antonyms are taught through simple words and pictures whilc in level 2, these are tauht through stories.

Grammer: This part is designed for high functioning autistic child. Noun, verb and adjective are taught with simple pictures and texts.

Question 2: What is the current status of the software developed?

The software development is complete and field trial has been done and the CD has been handled over to,
Manovikas Kendra
Rehabilitation and Research Institute for the Handicapped,
482, Madula, Plot: I-24, Sector: J Eastern Metropolitan Bypass Kolkata 700017

Question 3: How many people with autism are using the software currently? What is the feedback on the software?
The software package has been installed at Manovikas Kendra for field trial and use by the children affected with Autism in their Institute.

Question 4: In what languages the software will be made available to people with autism?
The software has been developed in English, Bengali and Hindi.

Question 5: What is the intellectual property status of the software? Is it under Gnu Public License, if not, under which license is the software to be distributed?
Copyright application has not been submitted. The software was developed under project sponsored by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Question 6: Does the software requires custom hardware to be operated? If no, please inform me about what kind of input devices the software accepts? If yes, kindly share details of the custom hardware.
The software can run on any laptop or desktop computer in Windows XP operating system and normal sound output.
No special hardware is required. User can input from standard keyboard and mouse.

Question 7: Where can one see a demonstration of the software with its custom hardware? Kindly allow me its inspection.
You are welcome to see the demonstration of the software with just a prior intimation at our office at:
Webel Mediatronics Ltd., P1, Taratala Road, Kolkata- 700088
Phone: 033- 24014440, 2401 5602

Question 8: Is the software available free-of-cost for people with autism? If yes, kindly share the address to obtain a copy of the software. If no, kindly share the reasons thereof.
Price of the software has not been decided yet. However, you may please send details about your Institution/requirement, we can arrange a complimentary copy for you.