NO. HT/3-9/RTI/8901/213                                   Date: 03-09-2009
A copy of your RTI Application dated 19.06.2009 addressed to Mr. R.K. Srivastava, Director[Vigilance, DD-IV & DD-V], The Central Public Information Officer (appointed u/s 5 RTI Act), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Shastri Bhawan,new Delhi-11001 has been forwarded to the Director,IIT Kharagpur through letter F.No. 32-79/2008-DD-III dated 04-08-2009 of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Your request was placed before the appropriate authority of the concerned section of the Institute and the information as provided by the Assistant Registrar & Senior Administrative Officer (F&PM), SRIC, IIT Kharagpur through his letter no. SRIC/IIT/SAO/AB/2009 dated 28.08.2009 forwarded herewith is the self-explanatory.

ATTACHMENT 1 :  SRIC/IIT/SAO/AB/2009, date 28.08.2009
Furnished hereunder the information sought vide your Memo No. HT/3-9/RTI/8901/197 dated 17.08.2009 in seriatim.

As per the available information this Institute has not developed any software for people affect with Autism instead we have Developed Multimedia Hardware-Software system for the Education of Students with Cerebral Palsy and Communication.However, the detailed information is enclosed for information.

Project 1. Information Technology based Education and Training for people affected with Autism

General Reply: IIT Kharagpur was no a participant in the above mentioned project. Hence, we have no information about the above.
We have executed a project, a multilingual communication tool for people with neuro-motor disorder, such as cerebral palsy and with speech impairment. This project resulted in a software called Sanyog and was sponsored by Media Lab Asia. A brief write up on Sanyog is attached. It is worth mentioning that Sanyog has ben deployed at several centers, including Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. t was demonstrated to many people and people said that this can also be useful for the children with autism.
However, as this is different project from the one about which the information is sought, the following questions are being skipped.

Q.1. Kindly share the Technical details of this project; what it exactly does, what assumptions does it make about the user, etc.
No information with IIT Kharagpur.

Q.2. What is the current status of the software developed?
No information with IIT Kharagpur.

Q.3. How many people with autism are using the software currently? What is the feedback on the software?
Not applicable.

Q.4. In what languages the software will be made available to people with autism?
Not applicable.

Q.5. What is the intellectual property status of the software? Is it under Gnu Public License, if not, under which license is the software to be distributed?
Not applicable.

Q.6. Does the software requires custom hardware to be operated? If no, please inform me about what kind of input devices the software accepts? If yes, kindly share details of the custom hardware.
Not applicable.

Q.7. Where can one see a demonstration of the software with its custom hardware? Kindly allow me its inspection.
Not applicable.

Q.8. Is the software available free-of-cost for people with autism? If yes, kindly share the address to obtain a copy of the software. If no, kindly share the reasons thereof.
Not applicable.

2. Micro-controller based graphical/sound based daily scheduler and alarm for children with Autism.
General Reply: IIT Kharagpur was not a participant in the above project. Hence we have no information about the above.