IICP response

 NO. IICP/GV1/09/243                                    Date: 24-09-2009
 This is with reference to the above mentioned letter from Ms. Nidhi Khare, Director DD-II, dated 4 August 2009, enclosing a copy of your letter datd 19-09-2009, regarding development of two computer software for persons with mental challenges:

1. Information Technology based education and training for people affected with autism
2. micro-controller based graphical/sound based daily scheduler and alarm for children with autism.

Regarding the above mentioned two development projects kindly note:

1. Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy is not involved in the treatment or education of children with autism.
2. Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy  has not been involved in any way in the development of the above mentioned software.
3. Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy has no knowledge of these development projects.