16-12-2008 NT Infokiosks

16-12-2008, to the National Trust
7 January 2009, No. 4/88/RTI/NAT/2007 (Vol.II) , from the National Trust
Thank you for your response 6730 dated 18 September 2008 to my query. It is good to know that the National Trust has developed Information Kiosks at 6 hospitals in Delhi for providing free information on issues concerning persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, and Multiple Disabilities.

Please supply me the following information kiosks in hospitals of Delhi:-
This is with reference to your letter dated 16 December 2008 received on 17-12-1008 on the subject matter pertaining to Information Kiosk in hospitals of Delhi. The information are provided as follows:-
1. Which are these 6 hospitals where the information kiosks have been installed, and on which dates?
1. With reference to question 1, the six hospitals where the Information Kiosk have been installed are as follows:-
 S.No.   Name of the hospitals    
Date of installation
 1Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital
 2 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital
 3 Safdarzung Hospital
 4 G.T.B. Hospital
 5 IHBAS Hospital 21-5-2008
 6 A.I.I.M.S. 23-12-08
2. Who inaugurated these?
2. With reference to question no.2, Mrs. Poonam Natrajan, Chairperson of National Trust has inaugurated the information kiosk in the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. There as no final inauguration in other hospitals by the National Trust.
3. What is the location of the Information Kiosks in these 6 hospitals?
3. With reference to question no.3, the location of installation of the information kiosks are as follows:
 S.No. Name of the hospitals 
 1 Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Dept. of Physiotherapy
 2 L.N.G.P. Hospital
 Dept. of Pediatrics
 3 IHBAS Hospital Medical Superintendent
 4 G.T.B. Hospital E.D.P.
 5 Safdarzung Hospital Dept. of psychiatry
 6 A.I.M.S. Dept. of Physical medicine and rehabilitation
4. Who is the person responsible in these 6 hospitals for these Information Kiosks?
4. With reference to question no.4, the following are the contact person to whom the information kiosks have been assigned as delivered:-
Ss. No.
 Name of the hospitals   Contact Person
 1 Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Dr. Desh Pandey
 2 L.N.G.P. Hospital Dr. Monica Juneja
 3 IHBAS Hospital Dr. Sunak Pradhan
 4 G.T.B. Hospital Dr. Gomar
 5 Safdarzung Hospital Dr. Rastogi
 6 A.I.M.S. 
5. On a weekly average how many people use these kiosks for getting information on Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, and Multiple Disabilities?
5. With reference to question no.5, we have requested the concerned hospitals to provide the information as contained therein. Information is this respect are not available to National Trust now.