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On 01 May 2011, we sent an RTI asking about the information furnished in response to Unstarred Question No. 1840 in the Rajya Sabha on Chinese hacking, answered by Minister of Defence Shri A.K. Antony, on 11-08-2010. This was forwarded vide letter no. 23/18/2008-D(GS.III) dated 09-05-2011 to the Director(Coord) & CPIO saying "it is understood that D(IT/Coord) has dealt with the above mentioned question".

D(IT/Coord) forwarded this to 13 departments on 19-05-2011saying "The reply of the ibid Parliament Question was furnished by this Division after consolidating the replies received from various Wings/Directorates." These were 1.Director (ICT), HQ IDS, Kashmir House, 2.Dr. A.K. Tyagi, Scientist 'F', DRDO, 3.Dir (Coord) i.r.o. DDP, 4.DS(Res), Sena Bhawan, DESW, 5.US(GS-I), 6.US(GS-V), 7.US(Air-II), 8.US(Air-III), 9.US(N-II), 10.US(N-III), 11.Dir(IT), 12.JDIT, 13.DDG IT.

Responses from these departments.
D (Navy-III) on 20 May 2011 said "no internet facility...."
D(N-II/Ops) on 24-05-2011 forwarded the questions to CPIO Navy. CPIO navy on 10 June 2011 responded saying "No..... computers were compromised...."
D (Air-III) on 23-05-2011 said, ".... nil."
DDP, D (B&C) forwarded it to US(QA) via letter dated 24-05-2011, which informed on 27-05-2011 that "subject matter does not pertain to this Division. It is, therefore, requested to approach D(B&C) for further correspondence in this regard."
DDP on 3rd June 2011 informed that "requisite information is respect of your questions may be treated as Nil".
DRDO said "is placed in second schedule of RTI Act, 2005 and is exempted from disclosures of information under Section 24(1) except information pertaining to the allegations of corruptions and human rights violations". Letter no. RTI/01/2091/P/064/2011-12, dated 30 May 2011.
HQ IDS said through letter no. IDS/Ops/ICT/33028 dated 25 May 2011, "None of the Internet facing computer of HQ IDS were compromised".
D(GS-V) forwarded the RTI query to DDG, IHQ, MOD(Army) on 23-05-2011, which informed on 30 May 2011 that "the application is under process". Later vide another letter no. A/810027/RTI/7065 dated 29-06-2011 it informed that "application is under process with concerned office and it will take more time to provide the information."
Air(HQ) informed that the information sought "... is not available at this HQ", vide letter dated 21 June 2011.
D(GS-I), vide letter dated 27 May 2011 informed that "information so far as the undersigned as CPIO is concerned may be treated as Nil".
D(Air-II) vide letter no. 9(17)2011/D(Air-II) dated 31 May 2011, informed that requisite information "may please be treated as Nil."


The responses received from different departments, showed that none of these departments have any information of systems hacked, none of these support the Honorable Defence Minister's response in the parliament (Rajya Sabha on 11-08-2010) Hence, we asked the basis on which the reply to the Parliamentary Question was formulated in another RTI dated 24-06-2011.

This was forwarded by Director (IT/Coord) vide letter no. No. 11(1)/2011/D(IT/Coord) dated 28-06-2011 saying "the reply of the ibid Parliament Question was furnished by the Division after consolidating the replies received from various Wings/Directorates", to CPIOs of 17 Wings within MoD. These were: 1. SM, DACIDS (MS&Sd), HQ IDS, 268/B South Block 2. Brig. A.K. Tyagi, DDG, G-6, D-1 Wing, IHQ of MoD(Army) 3. Dr. A.K.Tyagi, Scientist 'F', DRDO 4. Dir(S-II) i.r.o. DDP 5. DS(Res), Sena Bhawan, DESW 6. US(GS-I) 7. US(GS-V) 8. US(Air-II) 9. US(Air-III) 10. US(N-II) 11. US(N-III) 12. GpCapt T.Sajan, Dte. of PS, Air HQ(VB) 13. Director(IT), DIT, Air HQ, Subroto Park 14. Cdr. S.K. Gupta, JDPS, 238, C Wing, HQ Navy 15. JDIT, 127/A/C Wing, DIT, Naval HQ 16. Commandant Rajveer Singh, CG HQ 17. DDG IT. Army HQ, Rao Tula Ram Marg

Responses from the departments is as follows:
HQ IDS (MS & SD Directorate) transferred it to CPIO (Ops Br) vide letter no. IDS/46032/RTI/SD dated 06 July 2011.
HQ IDS, Dte of ICT, vide letter no. IDS/Ops/ICT/33028 dated 14 July 2011 informed "(a) There have been instances of attempted hacking on two internet facing standalone computers of IHQ IDS. These computers did not contain any classified info. (b) None of the  computers from HQ IDS were found compromised."
Following this we sent an RTI to the HQ IDS on 24-07-2011 asking to confirm that the computers were running MS Windows OS. The reply No. IDS/Ops/ICT/33028 dated 09-08-2011 "(a) ... attempt of hacking on the two computers, which in any case did not contain any classified information. The machines were analysed and it was ascertained that the computers were not compromised and no documents were picked up by the hackers. (b) The specifications of the computers cannot be disclosed."

On 02-03-2012 we asked the HQ IDS about the "discrepancy" in supplying information. In response to this vide letter no. 914952/Adm dated 02-04-2012 MGG (Trg) Sectt transferred application saying "for further necessary action"
Vide letter no. IDS/46032/RTI/SD dated 11-04-2012 the HQ IDS forwarded the letter to the MGGS (Trg) Sectt. asking us to "to pursue the matter directly with the addressee, in the future".

IHQ MoD(Army) informed vide letter dated 28 July 2011 "the investigation on the subject is in progress and is likely to take time due to non availability of IP addresses of compromised computers. A special audit by ACSE is also underway and is a time consuming process." Later vide letter dated 15 August 2011 (26) it informed that application is under process and "will take more time to provide information."
DRDO vide letter no. RTI/01/2091/P/0099/2011-12 dated 28 July 2011said "is placed in second schedule of RTI Act, 2005 and is exempted from disclosures of information under Section 24(1) except information pertaining to the allegations of corruptions and human rights violations.". DRDO further informed that "As far as DRDO(HQ) is concerned, the information is NIL."
DDP on 21 July 2011, informed that "reply to questions may be please be treated as NIL as far as this office is concerned."
D(Air-II) on 4 July 2011 informed "NIL".
D(Air-III) said "the information is Nil" vide letter dated 17-07-2011 and transferred the application to the CPIO Air(HQ).
D(N-II) said "Since no computer in D(N-II) was connected with Internet during the period of report, so far as D(N-II) is concerned may be treated a 'Nil'." Letter dated 01-07-2011.
D(N-III) through letter dated 11-07-2011 informed "requisite information may please be treated a 'NIL'...".
Air (HQ) said vide letter dated 29-07-2011, "information requested is not available at this HQ".
IHQ, MoD(N) on 05-July 2011 said "no details of Chinese hackers having accessed/breached any NAVAL website server has been reported".
Coast Guards HQ on 07 July 2011 informed "no computer was hacked and data compromised".
D(GS-III) forwarded the RTI to DDG RTI, IHQ, MOD (Army) on 01-07-2011 saying "it is understood that SD-1B......furnished the reply...".
IHQ, MOD (Army) on 08 July 2011 informed "... under process". Later vide letter no. A/810027/RTI/7356 dated 24 August 2011 it informed "details may be provided if available, only after the completion of the investigations."

On 29-08-2011 we appealed under RTI to the MoD, and requested MoD to "make sure that actually an investigation has occurred" and to "examine and intimate which information can be disclosed, in particular the recommendations".


On 03-04-2012 we asked the Ministry through an RTI "is there any evidence available with the Ministry of Defence that proves that Mr. Anthony did not lie to Parliament?".  In response vide letter no. MOD ID No. 11014/1/11-D(Welfare) dated 12-04-2012 forwarded the application to the D(IT/Coord) saying "question was dealth by D(IT/Coord)...."
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