RTIs to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

  • On 13 April 2010, we asked the Department of Information Technology "if an investigation has been launched by the government into the Chinese hacking, the process of interacting with the investigating team, what percentage of the computers hacked were running Microsoft Windows, and when are the security recommendations emanating". The RTI was forwarded to CERT-In, which forwarded a reply to the CPIO, DIT, vide letter no. 3(15)/2006-CERT-In. PtIII dated 17-05-2010. This reply was forwarded to us vide letter no. 1(31) 2010-PIO(RTI) dated 17-05-2010 by the DIT. The response was (1) a copy of the Interview published by Indian Today on 06 April 2010. (2) p.41 of 'shadows in the cloud' report from the Department of Information Technology.
  • On 28 March 2011 we sent the same questions again to trace any update on the matter. This time the Ministry vide letter no. 14(6)/2011-ESD dated 13-05-2011 said "forwarded the request to the concerned agency and information is awaited.
  • We sent an appeal under RTI on 26 May 2011 pointed at "the lack of seriousness with which the IT Ministry deals with a matter of National Security" as "the information stolen could find its way to Pakistani and other elements that frequently target India and Indians."  Reminders were sent by the Appellatte authority to the CPIO on 31 May 2011, 14 June 2011, 1 July 2011, and 23 August 2011. The Ministry on 14 June 2011 said "the incident is a multi-agency activity and DIT is trying best to get the required information.
  • On 11 May 2011, we asked on progress to answers given in response to Rajya Sabha starred question no. 486 of 29-04-2010, in which Minister of Communications and Information Technology Sri A. Raja has said "An agency of the Government has been investigating such types of attacks... an investigation has already been launched into the matter...". We asked if the investigation has been completed. The Ministry on 01 June 2011 forwarded "the request to the concerned agency and information is awaited".
  • On 08 May 2012, we asked the Department of electronics and Information Technology, "which agency has been notified under section 70(A) of the IT Act 2000/2008 as national nodal agency in respect of Critical Informationc Infrastructure Protection". We also asked for a list of every computer resource declared to be a protected system by notification in the Official Gazette."   The Department vide letter no. 14(68)/2011-ESD dated 17 May 2012 informed that "Government has not yet notified any agency..."
  • On 19 April 2012 we tried to find if the department has conducted any investigations on the GhostNet attack and if any security recommendations from the investigation report could be made public. The response is awaited.