Important Questions of the RTI Application and Answers 
Query: 24-02-2011, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
What was the amount expected  from the commercial FM broadcasting license fees for Mumbai and Delhi, during the FM bidding phase I? What was the total amount received?

Response: Total revenue amount of Rs. 67,718.95 Crore (including BSNL/MTNL) has been received. Details of amount and number of blocks (each block of 5MHz) auctioned is enclosed.
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Query: 24-02-2011, DoT, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
What is the amount received as license fees from successful  bidders of the 3G auctions? Has the spectrum already been allocated? How much spectrum has been allocated?

Response: The government has received a total of Rs.67,718.95 Crore from 9 bidders in the 3G auctions. Attachment: Table 3G Auctions - Operator wise amounts
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Query: 03-12-2010, to Wireless Planning and Coordination Division, DoT
"After the 3G and WiMAX transactions have taken place, the Department of Telecommunications and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India are considering further auctions to support 4G services of the digital dividend spectrum around 700 MHz, which India plans to bring into play. The 2.5GHz band will be allocated after the 3G frequencies,and will be used entirely for WiMAX, making 700 MHz a promising band for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) suppliers to target in the near term."
Regarding the news please inform if this is true? If yes, kindly let us know  which document/circular of the Government of India this  is based on. Kindly share a copy of the same with us.

so far Government has not formulated any policy for making 700 MHz band for LTE, however you are requested to refer to ndia footnote IND37 of National Frequency Allocation Plan- 2008.
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Query: 03-04-2010, to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Has any survey been conducted, looking at alternate possible uses of the spectrum allocated to the I&B Ministry? In particular for the likely demand for mobile TV?
Response: NO STUDY has been made by this Ministry.
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Query: 18-12-2009 to Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing

  • Please confirm that SACFA and WPC are not contemplating any action or decision on frequency allocation with regard to the spectrum used for terrestrial TV, which may compromise (1) formulation of a Policy on community television, and (2) the ability of the Government to implement TRAI's recommendations on community television in India. If such action is contemplated, please share with me details of the same.

Responses: Received 08-01-2010 "A copy of the application is enclosed (to Ministry of I&B) herewith with a request to kindly take necessary action on the TRAI recommendation on private terrestrial TV broadcasting services as the matter pertains to your Ministry and reply may kindly be sent directly......"

12-01-2010, from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting - Recommendations of TRAI...... are under examination and the Government has so far not formulated its views on the said recommendations.

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Query:18-09-2009, to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing

  • How is the government implementing TRAI recommendations on terrestrial TV?

  • Questions on shared usage of spectrum.

Response: 16,20 and 30-10-2009 - "No policy decision in respect of allowing private terrestrial TV broadcasting and community terrestrial TV broadcasting has been taken by the Government so far."

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Query: 28-10-2009, to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  • Is there any survey to assess revenue that can be generated from community TV?

Response: 17-11-2009 - "Neither any survey has been conducted nor any study report/statistics available...."