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Year 2017

Year 2016 SMS revolution for the disabled, Mint, 17th August 2016
Year 2013
  • NCPEDP MPSHASIS Universal Design Awards 2013

Year 2012
  • Now the blind and deaf can ‘read' and send SMS, PocketSMS Application helps the visual and audial impaired read’ SMS by converting messages into morse code vibrations. The Hindu, 16 April 2012.
  • PocketSMS Lets Visually And Hearing Impaired Send &Receive SMS, Medianama, 11 April 2012.
  • Indian designer develops Morse-based texting for deafphone users, Sci-Tech, Dawn, 10 April 2012
  • An Indian graduate student has developed a mobile application that enables people with sight and hearing impairments to send and receive text messages. Indian designer develops Morse-based texting for deaf phone users, SciDev Net, 09 April 2012 Read the News here.
  • In the article Nazar, Zuban aur Kaan banti takneek, (Hindi), 19 February 2012, NavBharat Times, Bapsi's mobile apps for deafblind, PocketSMS was published. Read the news here.
  • In autism, victories come with beeps and candies, The Progress, 12 April 2012.
    More than a billion people in the world today experience disability suggests the first ever World report on disability, produced jointly by WHO and the World Bank. Download the report here. A study published in the Journal of Autism and Development Disorders, found that a region of the Netherlands known for high-tech industry has substantially higher levels of autism-spectrum conditions than two other regions. (More at blog_wsj and here)
Year 2011
  • "Understanding Mobile Phone Radiation and Its Effects", Economic & Political Weekly vol xlvI no 17, 23 April 2011. Visit the EPW page here. Read the paper here
Year 2010
  • Technology To Aid The Disabled, December 2010 Read the article here
  • Assistive technology comes to aid the specially-abled, 20 August 2010, Business Standard
    "Tailor-made technology helps physically challenged to reconnect with the digital world". Read the article here
  • It's time technology abled disabled kids in India, 13 July 2010, Deccan Herald. Read the article here
    "Radiation and Human Beings" Sahara Time, Issue 19 June 2010. The article was published under "Nation : Towers of death". Read the article here
  • Reinventing Arpit's wheel, Hindustan Times Mint, 17 June 2010.
    Read the article here
  • "Intriguing silence on China's Cyber Espionage" Sahara Time, Issue 22 May 2010. The Article was published under "Cover Story: A New War". "The capabilities and priorities of our security establishments need to be put under the scanner.They are seeking to prevent the use of Chinese phones and other telecom equipments, for fear of hidden trapdoors, while leaving their own computers wide open to cyber attacks." Read the article here
  • "WiFi better than WiMax for rural broadband" Sahara Time, Issue 15 May 2010. The article was published under the "Column: Telecom Policy". "In a WiFi based network community, the skills for setting up and rebuilding the network are local. In a cyclone they can simply bring the equipment in shelter until the storm passes." Read the article here
  • "For $ 900, you can spy on anyone", Sahara Time, Issue May 8 2010. The article was published under Cover Story: Tapping TechnologyRead the article here
  • Arun Mehta discussed "mental disability and role of computers" for the programme "Digital Planet" on BBC World Service Radio. The programme was telecast on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27-04-2010.
    Listen to the programme here
  • Sahara Time, Issue April 24 2010. This joint article "Cognitive Radio: A historic opportunity" by Arun Mehta, Robert Horvitz and Manasi Dash was published under Cover Story: Science and Technology "Cognitive radio technology is the answer to our spectrum shortage, the lowest cost technology to address information poverty in
    rural areas and a means to catapult India to a telecom technology leader." Read the Article here
  • Arun Mehta Interviewed on "Internet improving lives of persons with disabilities" BBC Hindi, 08 March 2010 for the Internet Superpower Series.   Listen the programme here
    For English translation of the interview click here.
  • Managing and utilizing spectrum more effeciently
    Feb 27-March 5 2010, volume XLV No.9, jointly written
    by Arun Mehta and Robert Horvitz, Economic and Po
    litical Weekly (EPW).
    Visit the EPW page        Read the article here
  • From laggard to leader, if India goes 'cognitive', 19 Feb 2010, by Arun Mehta and Robert Horvitz, Tehelka
    Read the article here
  • ICT to empower the differently abeld, 14 Jan 2010, Express Buzz, Thiruvananthapuram
    "An interactive programme with parents of autistic children and Dr Arun Mehta was organised...."
    Read the article here
 Year 2009
  • Growing interest in cognitive radio in India, Dec 29, 2009
    by Dugie Standeford, PolicyTracker.Read the Article here        Visit
  • Making Technology Really Work,, 9 December 2009
  • The shifting Sands of net debate, 17 Nov. 2009, by, Jonathan Charles, BBCNews  "Many autistic children prefer interacting with computers, rather than humans. Computers are more reliable, their reactions are more consistent"           Visit the BBC page
  • The ICT disability programme, extended support to CyberMedia for one episode of its eKranti programme which was telecast on DoorDarshan on 27 July 2009
  • Internet turns 40, Discussion on Samay News Channel, New Delhi (Arun Mehta invited to speak on the show.), 2009
  • Autism is more widespread, U.S. studies show, but why?, USAToday, 10 May 2009, Visit the USToday Page
  • Reaching out to those with special needs, May 28, 2009 The Hindu, Thiruvanantapuram
  •  Arun Mehta invited for Programme on the "text to speech" technology for the disabled on Zee News, 08 April 2009.
  • Empowering differently-abled people with free IT training,, 8 April 2009
  • Skid to Learn in Silent StruggleHindustan Times Cafe', 2 April 2009
  • Discussion on the present encryption policy in India on News Channel Zee News. The programme was telecast on 16-02-2009 at 10.00 pm
  • Debate on the issue of encryption Arun Metha on the CNN-IBN News channel on 30 January 2009. The programme was telecast on the same day at 10.00 pm.
2008 and
 ICTs and mental challenges
  • The Geek Syndrome Autism- and its milder cousin Asperger's syndrome is surging among the children of Silicon Valley. Are math-and-tech genes to blame?, WIRED, Year 2004 Visit the WIRED Page
    When Tech conquers disability, Hindustan Times, 31 October 2008
  • SKID: Dr. Arun Mehta's Open source Software Innovation to help children with disabilities, Year 2008
  • Hope for the visually handicapped, by Arun Mehta, Sci-Tech World, 19 March 2005.
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