Aims and Objectives

  • To increase public awareness on the potential of telecommunications, broadcasting and internet technology amongst the public at large.

  • To influence policy and set appropriate legal precedents on telecommunications, broadcasting and information technology to enable maximum access to the public of such technologies at the lowest costs.

  • To demonstrate through research and pilot projects the benefits of new telecommunications related technologies, and to promote their deployment.

  • To promote informed debate on telecommunications, broadcasting and related sectors through workshops, seminars and any other such vehicles from time to time.

  • To undertake any other activity or business that will contribute towards increased access to the public of such technologies at the lowest possible costs.

  • To undertake research studies/projects/programmes/activities, action research, capacity building projects/programmes/activities on telecommunications, broadcasting, internet technology, ICT for people who need it, studies related to facilitation or, promotion of bi-directional access of information, and filtering of information on the internet.